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 Breakdown of our School




Supervision in the backyard


Instructional Block A


Nutrition   Break (JK-Grade 3)/Recess (Grade 4-8)


Nutrition   Break (Grade 4-8)/Recess (JK-Grade 3)


Instructional   Block B


Nutrition Break (JK-Grade 3)/Recess   (Grade 4-8)


Nutrition Break (Grade 4-8)/Recess   (JK-Grade 3)


Instructional Block C





After school students are to leave the school grounds unless they are taking part in a staff supervised extracurricular activity, are being supervised by their caregiver, or are attending another program that is being held at the school.

School Office Hours: 8:45-3:45

School Organization

2 FDK Classes

2- grade 1/2

1- grade 3

1- grade 4

2- grade 5/6 classes

2- grade 7/8 classes

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General School Description

The original school was built in 1883 facing Hamilton Road.  Aberdeen is located on the corner of Adelaide Road and Hamilton Road and is part of the Beal Family of Schools.  Our school has a population of approximately 220 students from Junior Kindergarten to grade eight.  Together, the Aberdeen staff and community strive to help all students reach their full potential.  We have a rich history, and we believe in respect for everyone.  We are a caring, learning community.  After Lord Aberdeen, Governor General of Canada, visited London in 1893, the Board of Education decided to name the school in his honour.  The present building with the entrance on Grey Street was opening in 1914.  It looks very similar today.  Miss J.P. Fairburn, who began teaching at Aberdeen when it first opened in 1883 was still there in 1926.  This is the longest record of any one teacher remaining at Aberdeen! C.C. Carrothers, once a student at Aberdeen, went on to be a trustee with the board in the 1930's.  An elementary school was named in his honour.  Today Aberdeen consists of 12 classrooms which spans from Full Day Kindergarten to Grade 8.  Core French and Oneida as a Second Language is part of the daily programming for students in grades 4 thru 8.


Volunteers at School

We encourage and offer many ways for parents to volunteer at our school.  This can include assisting with reading, writing and math in our JK-3 classes, volunteering on school trips, getting involved in School Council, or volunteering with specific events throughout the year.  Please note that all volunteers require a Vulnerable Screening check before working with any of our students or volunteering on trips. 


Measures of Student Academic Success

At Thames Valley, we believe that assessment and evaluation of student achievement are integral parts of the learning process.  Information gathered through assessment and evaluation helps teachers to determine students' strengths and weaknesses in their achievement of the curriculum expectations.  It also serves to guide teachers in adapting curriculum and instructional approaches to students' needs and in assessing the overall effectiveness of programs and classroom practices.  A variety of methods are used to gauge student progress including: teacher observation, classroom tests, projects and other examples of student work.  For more information on our school's provincial assessment results, visit the Education Quality and Accountability Office.