Safe Schools

Aberdeen's Safe School Action Plan - BPIP (Bullying Prevention & Intervention Plan)

  • Thames Valley considers having a safe and secure environment for everyone within a school very important. Being able to come to school and know you are safe, secure and protected is key to a positive learning environment. This applies to everyone in our schools from students through to our support staff, regular staff and administration and even when members of our school community come to visit. We all work together to achieve a Safe School environment.

Here is what we are doing at Aberdeen Public School:

  • In the left column, on this website, you will see a link to Aberdeen Cares - Report Bullying Anonymous. We always prefer students come to us directly, but if they are timid and fearful they may use this form to inform us of a situation. We will ALWAYS investigate when given enough information on the form.  
  • Each school has a SAST (Safe School Action Team) which consists of students, teaching staff, non-teaching staff, parents, community members and administration. Over the course of many meetings they set out 3 specific goals they feel we should be working on! Our Safe Schools Action Plan is linked at the bottom of this page

Bully Prevention Flow Chart

Based on this graphical flow chart we have developed our own BPIP document. (Bullying Prevention and Intervention Plan)That document is linked at the bottom of this page.


As with any school information, should you require further clarification never hesitate to call the school with your concern or questions. We don't always know the answer immediately, but we will always take the time to find out and get back to you. Our contact information is always at the bottom of every page on our website!

Safe School Bullying Intervention Plan